Will Corcoran Wire Sculptor


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My work affords a view by day and an amazing shadow at night.  The movement of the city becomes an integral backdrop for  the piece.  

Yard mobiles ( which can be viewed on Twitter and Instagram) are installed at noon when the collective buzz of people, nature , trucks and taxis, create a   breeze bringing them to life. These pieces I call spinners.

I have twice monthly put sculptures out in front of my building, and everyone loves them.  The kids wait

​and wonder about the next install.


In the evening I work standing at table in a  bay window overlooking Harriet Tubman Park. My evening work is more intense screening it is elegant yet unforgiving, much like the scene below.  Patterns, never repeated. Loud music from moving cars. Motorcycles at the red light.   Liquor store, ATM. convenience store, a park and restaurant. The buzz!

Intersections are the criss cross patterns of life, creating choice or chaos. Lovers in the park. Drunk men weaving down the street. Girls on cell phones.  My work/life is in the middle of this and I love it. I create it. 

All work is for sale, between $400- $900. All pieces are treated for indoor out door use. ( Mostly three seasons.) I install yard pieces with choice of planters or hangers for an additional cost.       "Flowers die. Art lives on"



5 Member Shows PAAM,   UFORGE J.


next library show June 11 2018. PAAM Member Show  June 29th thru August 26th, 2018.